Crazy Collections Page

(Featuring your photos!)

Updated 9/9/19

     (Top to bottom) My Takahashis - Sky 90, FS102, FC76, and two FS60Cs


     Do you have a crazy collection, or a collection you're crazy about?  If so, send it to me at eting at aol dot com, and I'd like to post it here.  Looking forward to seeing your collections!

     Carry on!


      Here are some of your pictures:


Most of us would be happy to own just one Quester.  I waited almost 40 years before taking the plunge myself.  Here's a lust-worthy collection, including the

rare 50th anniversary edition (on right)  4/14/19


David in NH keeps his collection of AP scopes on rolling platforms, ready for quick deployment in case the mood strikes.  4/14/19


George S loves his Celestron SCTs, but don't tell his wife he just got the C11 on the left.   5/4/19


Got binos?  "J" from the northeast certainly does!  What's amazing about this collection is the sheer number of

Swarovskis, Zeiss, Leicas, and Fujinons in it.  As Ricardo Montalban used to say, "Of course - Why not the best?"  5/4/19


As soon as I posted the bino image, "J" sent two more pictures.  This isn't even the complete collection!   5/4/19


From Bob: Attached is a photo of my Zeiss telescopes: 63 mm Telementor type 1, 80 mm, 12, 20, 40X turret telescope,

60 mm traveler  5/11/19


Jeff's living room.  The collection is centered around the FS102, just right of center.  Jeff found the lens had clouded

over, so he sent it back to Japan for recoating.  He could have gotten another used FS102 for not much more than

what he paid for the repair, but he was so attached to "his" FS102 that it wasn't an option.  He would like to get more

scopes, but he's not sure it would sit well domestically.   7/21/19


Ben sent this mind-boggling photo of beautiful and rare telescopes.  If you know refractors, you can probably name the models.

Ben says he has at least one more Traveler and one more Stowaway.  Naturally, I've asked for a photo, please!   7/21/19

Here are Ben's scopes.  These are just the ones 105 mm and below.  See if you can follow this:

(2) FC-50s

(2) f/5 AP Stowaways

(2) f/7 AP Stowaways

(1) f/6.5 AP Stowaway

(1) FSQ-85

(3) AP Travelers

(3) FCT-76s

(3) FCT-100 (one has a non-FCT dew shield)

Ben, I'm speechless. 7/29/19


Howard sends this photo of his Takahashi collection.   He has an FC50, FC60, FC76, FS102, two FS128s, FS152, and Mewlon 210.  Although he says he only

owns two FS152s now, he has the first one made (serial #97001) and the last one made (serial #06001.)  He has also purchased a Mewlon 250.    Oh, my!  9/9/19.